IFIC is delighted to announce that Apostolos Tsiachristas, PhD, has been appointed as IJIC’s Topic Editor in Health Economic

Apostolos is a Senior Researcher at the Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford. He is widely acknowledged as an international expert in the payment and economic evaluation of integrated care and has been a long-term reviewer and associate editor of the journal. He is also leading IFIC’s Special Interest Group in Health Economics. Apostolos’ appointment will not only strengthen IJIC’s reviewing capacity and quality, but also promote the development of cutting-edge health economic research in the field of integrated care. His vision as IJIC’s Topic Editor is to attract more and high quality papers related to financing and economic evaluation of integrated care as well as the impact of integrated care on the demand and supply of health and social care and health inequality. Besides empirical studies, he also envisages to receive methodological papers that may improve the quality of economic evidence in integrated care.

One of his first activities will be to organise and edit an IJIC special issue in methodological and applied health economics in integrated care.

More information and a call for papers will follow in due course.


Apostolos Tsiachristas
Senior Researcher,
Health Economics Research Centre,
University of Oxford


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