IFIC is delighted to welcome its new Director of Programmes Dr Toni Dedeu

Dr Dedeu is a highly experienced practitioner, manager and decision-maker in both health and social care delivery and is passionate about furthering the advancement of Integrated care.

Previously Director of the Agency for Health Quality and Assessment of Catalonia (AQuAS), a body of the Ministry of Health of Catalonia, Dr Dedeu was responsible for influencing strategies and political decisions taken at the highest level in Catalonia.

He has garnered a wealth of expertise from roles including GP, Consultant, and has worked at Director level across different sectors including education and training, research, health and policy.
But since his days as a GP, Integrated Care has always been his passion, and this has impacted decisions throughout his career. In 2000 he set up an Integrated Care thinktank for making connections between Spain and the international community and has been a member of IFIC since it began.

Dr Dedeu said: “I have watched the Foundation grow and now I have the pleasure and honour to be next to Nick and IFIC colleagues. This opportunity gave me a chance to develop my passion for Integrated Care and to be able to focus on it specifically. Although I have done many things in my career, Integrated Care has been my constant area of interest. I don’t understand delivering health and care services without the perspective of Integrated Care.

I bring to IFIC my very broad experience of health and care systems from across the world and with IFIC’s global vision, I bring the micro to the macro perspective of what an Integrated Care system can be.

I have built a strong network and bring a multi-cultural approach. I have worked all over the world – in Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka, North America, Europe, Brazil, Bangladesh – with governments and organisations like the WHO, and have knowledge and understanding of the decision-making process by politicians and senior managers. I say I’m a Glocal person, thinking from the globalisation perspective and also the needs of the locals as well.”

He intends to put IFIC at “the world centre of knowledge and experience of integrated care”.

Dr Dedeu said: “There is also space to develop in areas we have not yet tackled; and not just the academic or research side, there are opportunities to develop new reforms and new strategies in different contexts from a national level down to local level.”

IFIC CEO Dr Nick Goodwin said: “We are delighted to welcome Toni to the IFIC team as Director of Programmes. The breadth of his international experience, and his commitment to promoting integrated care as a means to improve the quality of health and care systems, will be invaluable as IFIC enters its next phase of work. It is going to be a great pleasure to work directly with Toni as we continue to grow our Foundation and take on the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

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