IFIC junior associate and president of IFIC’s Early-career Researchers in Integrated Care network

Mudi Kadu has been appointed as a Junior Associate with IFIC and will work to develop its international network of students and early career researchers. Combining her work experience and knowledge gained as a Junior Researcher with IFIC, she aims to strengthen support for young professionals and students.

IFIC recognise the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, fostering connections and mentorship to PhD students and early career researchers and practitioners in integrated care. Thus, IFIC’s Early-career Researchers in Integrated Care (ERIC) network is a unique international platform for student researchers and professionals passionate about improving the science and practice of integrated care. It will provide peer support, formal and informal networking opportunities and a whole range of education and training activities geared towards the needs of its members.

Mudi said: “Recognising the importance of early career researchers in advancing the field of integrated care has always been a major goal for IFIC- and for that, I have been incredibly fortunate. In my new role as a Junior Associate, I look forward to working with the team to strengthen the international network of students and early career researchers in integrated care. We know this network will be a catalyst for innovation in integrated care through fostering meaningful knowledge exchanges, collaboration and mentorship in the next generation of researchers.”

Mudi spent a year with IFIC as a Junior Researcher (ref to blog) and worked closely with IFIC Director of Education and Training Dr Viktoria Stein on technical reports and case studies, as well as supporting EU researchers to implement community-based integrated care models for older adults across countries.

Mudi completed a MSc. from the School of Public Health & Health Systems at the University of Waterloo (with a focus on gerontology), and is currently studying for a PhD with Prof Walter Wodchis at the University of Toronto.

Dr Stein added: “I know from my own experience how lost one can feel at the beginning of ones’ PhD and career, and how important it is to build a strong network of peers and senior colleagues early on. ERIC answers to these needs and will support our young colleagues in connecting with research groups, gaining access to potential collaborators, while at the same time strengthening the research and implementation capabilities in integrated care. We are very lucky to have Mudi continue her collaboration with us and drive the development of ERIC.”

For more information or to get involved email Mudi: mudikadu@integratedcarefoundation.org

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