IFIC Scotland travelled to Brazil for the beginning of a new collaboration with São Paulo State Health Department

IFIC’s Dr Viktoria Stein recently joined colleagues from IFIC Scotland in a new collaboration with São Paulo State Health Department as part of their ambitious state-wide Health in Action Programme.

Transforming Together is a 12 month education and improvement project in the Litoral Norte region – which has a 300,000 population in four municipalities.

A team from the International Centre for Integrated Care, the home of IFIC Scotland, will be supporting professionals from different disciplines and levels of care to design, test and implement changes that will create a more integrated healthcare system within a Regional Network.

Prof Anne Hendry said: “We travelled to Litoral Norte in November for a series of diagnostic visits, coaching sessions and interactive workshops. It will be a fascinating year supporting professionals who are passionate about improving the public health system in São Paulo, building on the success of their world leading Family Health Strategy and Community Health Agents, and working with colleagues from the departments of Education and Social Development.”

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