IJIC Editor Dr Liz Schroeder appointed to the National Mental Health Commission in Australia

The National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) announced Dr Elizabeth Schroeder, IJIC Editor as a new member from 3 April 2019 to 31 January 2021.

NMHC Chair, Lucy Brogden, said “The new members of the Advisory Board have been selected for their experience and leadership in all aspects of mental health and suicide prevention and we look forward to working alongside them.”
The Commission reports on mental health in Australia, and provides advice to Government on ways to continuously improve mental health and suicide prevention and will lead the new National Mental Health Workplace Initiative, announced in the 2019 Budget.

Dr Elizabeth-Ann Schroeder is a Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for the Health Economy and Senior Lecturer for the Macquarie University’s Department of Health Systems and Populations Faculty of Medicine. She has extensive experience (locally and internationally) in applied research in the economics of complex public health interventions. Her current research work centres around health systems integration and mental health. In her previous roles she has collaborated with national research, audit and commissioning bodies to translate research findings into policy.

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