International Women’s Day

Today, 8th March is International Women’s Day and we would like to take the opportunity to recognise some of the great women who are advancing the science, knowledge and application of Integrated Care around the world. Here is a selection of some of our very best presentations from women leaders who are working tirelessly to make excellent patient care and experience a reality for people, their families and communities worldwide.

Jocelyn Cornwell – Chief Executive, The Point of Care Foundation speaking at WCIC4 “From cooperation to partnership and patient leadership: reflections from the English NHS”

Lindsay Cane – Chief Executive, Royal Far West speaking at WCIC4 “Caring for country kids”

Deirdre Heenan – Director, Health & Wellbeing Research Centre speaking at ICIC16 “Integrated Care in Northern Ireland: Meeting the Challenge of Mental Health”

Beverley Johnson President & CEO, Institute for Patient and Family-Centered Care speaking at WCIC3 “Co-producing High Quality People-Centered Integrated Care for ALL”

April Kyle – Vice President of Behavioral Health Services, Southcentral Foundation speaking at ICIC16 “Engaging the Community in Health Care: Relationships and Customer-Ownership”

Anne Hendry – Clinical Lead for Integrated Care and Senior Associate, International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) speaking at WCIC3 “Improving Quality in integrated Care”

Brenda Reiss-Brennan – Mental Health Integration Director, Intermountain Healthcare speaking at  WCIC3 “The value of mental health Integration Normalizing team based care”

Angela Coulter – Senior Research Scientist, The Nuffield Department of Population Health (NDPH), University of Oxford speaking at ICIC16 “People Centred Care in theory and Practice”

Christina Wanscher -International Consultant, Southern Denmark Health Innovation, speaking at ICIC14 “Developing an Innovation and Integrated health System in the Region of Southern Denmark”

Dr Renee Lyons -Chair in Complex Chronic Disease, Bridgepoint Collaboratory for Research and Innovation, speaking at ICIC15 Multi-morbidlity and Complex Care Making the Complexity Simple(r)”

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