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Jodeme Goldhar wins 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Award


2020 Women of Inspiration™ Award Winners Announced – Women Across Industries Recognized for “Raising The Bar” In Historic Year

Congratulations IFIC Board member and  IFIC Canada co-founder Jodeme Goldhar, 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Advocate and Catalyst for Change! To Jodeme a Woman of Inspiration understands her worth and holds it with humility with the power to make the world a better place

This year the Universal Womens Network was set to recognize women across Canada with  Black-Tie Galas.  But then Covid-19 hit, and Monica Kretschmer, the powerhouse Founder and CEO, and heart of the Universal Womens Network™ –  the organization behind the important national awards event honoring a diverse collection of women of all ages from across industries, like so many others this year, had to think fast innovate, and multiple pivots to make it happen. It was a Hercules’s feet to bring it across the finish line. Showing relentless passion and the resilience that she celebrates in other women, she refused to give up to Raise the Bar for all women to be seen, heard and valued  – and the result was stunning. Premier Virtual WOI2020 Awards.

Observers, nominees, and winners alike describe this year’s virtual event as both powerful – and empowering movement to SupportHER™. Now in its seventh year, the Women of Inspiration™ Awards have recognized the achievements of over 1,000 women from diverse industries, and backgrounds. Including SupportHER, Male Allies and Tribute to Constable Heidi Stevenson with naming Women of Inspiration – Heidi Stevenson Unsung Hero Award in her honour.

“Universal Women’s Network and Women of Inspiration™ Awards is about celebrating and elevating women across Canada to be seen and heard and valued,” Kretschmer says with conviction.  “Especially in 2020, a year full of struggles, tragedies and uncertainty. We recognized the achievements of women, who thrived throughout a year of unbridled change. A Women of Inspiration™ award empowers women to step up, to do more, to lead.  These women show us the possibilities, the future.  Our network embraces a culture of diversity and inclusiveness. Every woman has a unique gift and brings value to the world.”

 Through the Women of Inspiration™ Awards, we see the impact of all women from diverse industries, walks of life and ages recognized for their achievements, contribution to the economy, and impact around the world. They are everyday heroes, entrepreneurs, pilots, scientists, innovators, artists, healthcare, executives, visionaries from youth to lifetime achievement.

The 2020 ceremonies also included a tribute to a Woman of Inspiration™ who’s, leadership sadly was only realized the moment she put her life on the line for the citizens of Canada.

“This year was especially meaningful as we honoured Constable Heidi Stevenson, an everyday hero who embodies the word heroism. In Honour of Heidi’s heroism, leadership, the Universal Womens Network™ has renamed the award as the Women of Inspiration™ – Heidi Stevenson Unsung Hero Award to honour the everyday heroes making an impact each day, Says Kretschmer.

When we celebrate one woman; we celebrate ALL women. These incredible women coming together is beautiful, powerful, and inspiring.  This year, we celebrated all women, we saw each nominee step up and contribute, inspire others to lead, and show courage in the face of fear. It’s this ability to create impact, even in times of intense change that sees women carving the path forward.”

The Universal Women’s Network is beyond honoured to recognize Jodeme Goldhar, as a 2020 Women of Inspiration Award Recipients. Our 2020 Women of Inspiration Award Recipients and Top 150 Finalists are Raising the Bar for ALL women to be seen, heard and valued. The Universal Women’s Network is proud to have Jodeme part of our EOPIC journey ahead for 2021 to elevate women locally, nationally and globally.

The Universal Womens Network™ – 2020 Women of Inspiration™ Award Recipients:  Meet WOI Award Winner.

Tribute – Women of Inspiration™ Heidi Stevenson Unsung Hero Award – (NS)

Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award presented by CanWCC – Jodeme Goldhar (ON), Monique Auffrey (AB)

Jr. Advocate and Catalyst for Change Award – Gurjot Kaur Singh (ON)

Authentic Leader Award – Alma Arzate (ON), Jenn Lofgren (AB)

Cultural Ambassador Award  – Sabine Weber ON), Krista Malden (AB)

Diversity and Inclusiveness Award Lorin MacDonald (ON), Keshia Holloman-Dawson (AB)

Game Changer Award – Jennifer Commins (ON), Karen MacNeill (AB)

Health and Wellness Award – Karen Adams (ON), Connie Jakab (AB)

Rural Leader presented by Startup Canada – Shelley Uvanille-Hesch (ON), Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo (AB)

Indigenous Leader -Lori Campbell (MB),  Wendy Lumby (AB)

Influencer Award – Jana Webb (ON), Blaise Hunter (AB)

Integrity Award – Karen Somerville (ON), Karen Fellowes (AB)

Lifetime Achievement Award – Patricia Gagic (ON), Karen Fonseth (MB)

Youth Excellence Award –Boluwatife Adefemi (ON), Chloe Shingoose (AB)

Rising Leader Award – Geetika Joshi (ON), Jolie Gan (AB)

Mentorship Award – Susan deRyk (ON), Deborah Rodrigo (AB)

Millennial Leader – Lulu Liang (ON), Lindsay Jones (AB)

The Nest Award – Sibel Coskuner (ON), Maeghen Cotterill (AB)

Trailblazer (STEM) Award presented by Mitacs – Anu Bidani (ON),  Sara Badiei (BC)

Vision Builder Award – Jessica Lui (ON), Towumni Coker (AB)

SupportHER Award – Victoria Lennox (ON), Christina Chow (AB)

SupportHER (Ally) Award – Mark Bombenon (AB), Dominic Vogel (BC), Paul Doroshenko (BC)

Innovation Award – Sharon Vinderine (ON), Laura Grant (AB)

Dream Builder Award – Anuja Sharma-Virani (ON), Monica Dauenhauer (AB)

Customer Experience Award – Adele Spraggon (ON), Judith Virag (AB)

Difference Maker Award – Vanisha Breault (AB), Glori Meldrum (AB)

Social Impact Award – Margot Witz (ON), Carlene Donnelly (AB)

Women in Media Award –Tracy Lamourie (ON), Angela Sterritt (BC)

Black Women Leader Award – Nothabo Ncube (ON), Margaret Adu (AB)

COVID-19 Leader Award – Angie Kim (ON), Evelyne Nyairo (AB)