Are you a student or an early-career professional looking for opportunities to network and collaborate in the field of integrated care?

IFIC is delighted to announce the formation of a new network called Early-career Researchers in Integrated Care, ERIC. Open to all early-career professionals or students around the world, ERIC aims to connect those with a strong interest in advancing integrated care from a research, practice or policy perspective. The team behind ERIC, IFIC Junior Associate Mudi Kadu and Junior Researcher Henriikka Laurola led by integrated care expert Dr Viktoria Stein, who is Director of Education and Training at IFIC, recognise that interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, collaboration, mentorship and fostering connections are key ingredients of success in the field of integrated care (IC). The network will officially launch in Utrecht at the ICIC18 conference through a series of events including a career panel of experts in the field, speed-networking, internship opportunities and skill-based workshops for young professionals and student researchers.

Are you interested in shaping the network and its activities for the upcoming year? Get involved and share your views about how we can help support you as you advance the future of integrated care in your local context and around the world.

Please fill out this form for a chance to win free membership with ERIC:

The results of the survey and contents of ERIC membership will be discussed in our first virtual Townhall/Open House session on March 8, at 15:00 GMT. To participate in the session or for more information about opportunities to become a member and be actively involved in the network, email:
Mudi Kadu:
Henriikka Laurola:

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