Join the Pre-Conference Site Visits in Utrecht on Tuesday, 22 May

We welcome managers, practitioners, researchers, and policymakers who participate in the 18th International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC18) in Utrecht to join us on the Tuesday, 22 May. During this day we exchange knowledge, share experiences and generate new ideas and new projects to connect health and social care.

On Tuesday, 22 May Vilans and the RIVM are organizing a variety of site-visits across the Netherlands. We provide you with the opportunity to observe an innovative healthcare project. The goal is to encourage you to think ‘outside the box’, to inspire you and to familiarize you with healthcare organization in the Netherlands.

The experience day starts in Utrecht. You will meet the organization and the rest of the participants. The remaining part of the morning program will consist of an introduction to the Dutch system for healthcare and welfare.

After this introduction we will travel to the location of your choice where we will arrive around 1:00pm. The locations are all innovative projects like the Ben Sajet Centre in Amsterdam, a green care farm in the south of the Netherlands, ParkisonNet at Radboud Medical Center in Nijmegen and many other interesting locations. After our arrival at the site we will hear more about the health/social care initiative and there will be room for dialogue and to exchange thoughts. After this visit everybody will return to Utrecht where we will arrive around 4:00pm.

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