Joint WE4AHA/Blueprint – DHE workshop

Joint WE4AHA/Blueprint – DHE will be holding a workshop at the eHealth Summit in Lisbon, Portugal on 20th and 21st March.

The joint workshop on 20th March 2019 will feature the “Blueprint for Digital Transformation of Health and Care” work:

  • The twelve personas representing the health and care needs of focused population groups that have been developed by the Blueprint partners.
  • The focus will be on co-creating user scenarios around the use of innovative digital solutions to address the personas’ needs. You will be involved in selecting “priority” user scenarios with high impact and potential for large-scale deployment.

The workshop will also feature DHE work on developing use cases around the use of health data for research, disease prevention, personalised health and care. During the workshop, Blueprint scenarios will be explored from a DHE perspective and further developed to align with the three EC COM(2018)233 priorities on citizens access, better data for use in research, and digital tools for citizens’/persons’ empowerment. You will discuss DHE use cases and criteria for their prioritisation. DHE partners will help refine the Blueprint scenarios from the viewpoint of patients, health and care professionals, public health decision makers, ICT providers and other key stakeholders.

This event will be followed, on a second day, by a DHE workshop on 21st March 2019. This workshop will focus on citizens’/patients’ secure access to and sharing of health data. Topics will likely include digital health literacy, data governance, secondary use of data, patient empowerment .The agenda is currently under discussion among WP4, WP5 and WP6 partners and a draft will be distributed soon. The workshop is organised by SPMS together with EuroRec, European Patients’ Forum (EPF), ECHA and other DHE partners.

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