Mobilizing Knowledge for Elder Empowerment Forum 2019

IFIC’s Acting CEO & Director of Programmes Dr Toni Dedeu will present at the Mobilizing Knowledge for Elder Empowerment (MKEE) Forum held at McGill
University in Montreal on July 11-12, 2019, is a timely response to this pressing problem.

The Forum aims to develop new strategies for knowledge mobilization by bringing
together 28 committed participants from Canada’s main elder consumer advocacy groups,consumer representatives, students, and the world’s leading academic, policy, service delivery and education experts within Canada and internationally.

The goals of the Forum are to produce an educational video and a strategic advice
document with indicators of optimally coordinated health and social service delivery; andstrategies for access to and sharing information across services for older people, their families, and health and social service students and professionals.

Download the programme here

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