Project SUSTAIN meets in Barcelona


The second meeting of consortium partners for project SUSTAIN took place in Barcelona from 11-13 November.

The SUSTAIN project aims to improve integrated care for older people living at home with multiple health and social care needs.

From 2015 to 2019, the project will work with fourteen initiatives (sites) in seven countries aiming to achieve integrated care, and will support them in further improving their care based on a number of identifiers.

SUSTAIN will work on ensuring that improvement work is transferable to other health systems and develop a guide to help others enhance their own services and achieve quality integrated care in Europe.

To achieve its aims the SUSTAIN team will:

1. Work hand in hand with sites and local stakeholders for 18 months to agree how to progress, and how to implement these improvements.
2. Evaluate how the sites are doing during and after the improvement implementations.
3. Ensure that improvements can be transferred to other integrated care settings in Europe.

The overall approach to the project aims to ensure close collaboration with stakeholders at the sites and implements a fully participatory approach to speed up the process of translating research and evidence of good practice to implementation.

We expect that over the next four years the SUSTAIN project will:

• Advance outcomes of integrated care through a tailored set of improvements that will have been implemented and evaluated.
• Produce a set of tried and tested measures and indicators for integrated care providers to evaluate progress.
• Create a ‘toolbox’ of information to carry out evidence-based integrated care;
• Produce a roadmap to design, establish, and maintain models of integrated care that focus on older people with multiple health and social care needs.

SUSTAIN is funded by the European Commission and will benefit from partners with high expertise in different European countries. The sites will be located in The Netherlands, UK, Norway, Austria, Spain, Estonia, Germany. They will be supported by several European wide organisations.

SUSTAIN is a four-year initiative (2015-2019) funded through the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2014-2015. If you would like to receive further information please contact Fiona Lyne

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