Introduction to SCIROCCO Exchange

SCIROCCO Exchange is a 32 month project co funded by the Health Programme of the European Union incorporating 14 collaborative partners across Europe and started on 1st January 2019.

SCIROCCO Exchange builds on the achievements of the SCIROCCO project with an aim to:

“support the readiness and capacity of health and social care authorities for the adoption and scaling up of integrated care by facilitating their access to tailored, evidence-based assets on integrated care and supporting personalized knowledge transfer and improvement planning

The ambition of the project is to maximise the value and impact of the SCIROCCO tool for regions and organisations involved in the deployment of integrated care by:

1. Maturity Assessment: Facilitating understanding of local readiness, needs and priorities for the adoption and scaling-up of integrated care.
2. Improvement Plans: Co-designing personalised support for those seeking support to prepare the ground for transition and/or improve existing system design for integrated care.
3. Capacity Building Assets: Utilising outcomes of knowledge transfer and capacity-building activities to co-design improvement planning that is tailored to the local context, maturity and aspirations of European regions and organisations.
4. Knowledge Transfer: Developing a Knowledge Management Hub to act as an integrator and facilitator for accessing personalised learning and capacity-building support for integrated care.

For more information about SCIROCCO Exchange and their upcoming activities, read their latest newsletter!

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