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SCIROCCO Exchange Activities

All the SCIROCCO Exchange Partners have been very busy over the Autumn period. We have been moving forward with the work on the different Work Packages; maturity assessment process and mapping of capacity-building assets in particular. We have also been using opportunities in our regions to raise awareness of the project in general and what it can offer to all those working to deliver integrated health and care services.

Maturity assessment process in SCIROCCO Exchange regions

A lot has been happening across all the regions as the partners continue to undertake maturity assessments in their individual regions, which have been producing valuable insights on the readiness for integrated care. Over 150 stakeholders have so far participated in the assessment process providing their own reflections on the progress towards integrated care in their respective localities. The project partners are currently performing an overarching analysis on the current state of art in integrated care in 9 regions, including the identification of the needs and priority areas for improvement. The outcomes of the analysis as well as experience of regions on this process, lessons learned and next steps will be shared through the series of webinars starting from February 2020.

Mapping of the capacity-building assets for integrated care

We all knew that SCIROCCO Exchange was a timely and necessary! And the mapping exercise of the integrated care resources, which has been very interesting to undertake, has reinforced this. The mapping exercise has revealed a large number of resources (over 275) identified at the regional and local level which are now being reviewed. In addition, over 5,000 assets have been identified as part of the literature review. In the next step, we will be testing how to link these valuable resources to SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Management Hub.

First SCIROCCO Exchange Project Assembly, 23-24 October 20109, Kosice, Slovakia

It was wonderful to meet up with everyone at the Project Assembly in Kosice in Slovakia. The objective of this meeting was to review the progress of the project so far, in particular with regards to the activities on the maturity assessment and mapping of capacity-building assets. The meeting was also an opportunity to plan the next steps for the project such as upcoming knowledge transfer activities and further development of SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Management Hub. The Partners were also honoured to be invited by our Slovak colleagues from the PJ Safarik University to participate in and actively promote their integrated care initiatives at the international Conference on Chronic Diseases which took place on 24-25 October 2019

Collaboration with the ACSELL project – Adaptation of SCIROCCO Maturity Model

ASCELL (Accelerating SMEs Innovation Capacities with a Living Lab Approach) is an INTERREG Europe funded project with the objective to sensitize the public sector, innovation intermediaries and SMEs towards expanding SME competencies by promoting open innovation ecosystems; and integrating the user early in the innovation process with living lab approach. The main driver of the project is mutual learning, exchange of good practices and knowledge transfer in order to improve local policies towards open and demand-driven innovation. The Consortium acknowledges that innovation approaches are very much localised and depend on the local context. Hence, in order to facilitate effective learning and knowledge transfer it is crucial to understand mutual strengths and weaknesses in implementing demand-driven innovation. It was acknowledged that ACSELL project can therefore benefit from very well established SCIROCCO tool and its use to assess local context for the adoption of integrated care. The Consortium is currently working on the adaptation of SCIROCCO tool and maturity assessment methodologies to reflect the objectives and ambitions of the ACSELL project. In the next steps, the adapted SCIROCCO tool will be tested in the real life settings in 6 regions participating in the project.

Highlights from the Dissemination Activities

European Public Health Conference, 20-23 November 2019, Marseille, France

This year’s Conference was highly successful for SCIROCCO Exchange Consortium. Two workshops were accepted and organised at this high-level event in order to promote the use of SCIROCCO tool in real life settings and encourage new organisations and regions to join SCIROCCO community. In particular, two functionalities of SCIROCCO tool were highlighted; assessment of maturity integrated care and facilitation of knowledge transfer. In addition, the Consortium was also invited to speak at the session organised by Chafea with an objective to highlight current actions co-funded by Health Programme.

We are already thinking about submitting our abstract for the EUPHA 2020 Conference!

What next for SCIROCCO Exchange?

Knowledge Transfer Programme

In the next stage of the project we will be looking to develop SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Transfer Programme to facilitate mutual learning and knowledge exchange tailored to the local needs and priorities identified during the maturity assessment process in 9 regions. The Programme will be implemented over the course of 12 months.

Knowledge Management Hub

After the successful refinement and update of SCIROCCO tool for the purpose of the maturity assessment we are currently working towards the next phase of Hub’s development. The main ambition is to link the existing assets and evidence in integrated care to Knowledge Management Hub in order to improve access of health and social care authorities to the resources which reflect their needs and local priorities. The main rationale is to allow learning about existing solutions and experience rather than duplicating the wheel. The Hub will then act as “matchmaking” platform of the needs and solutions in integrated care.

SCIROCCO Exchange Dissemination Activities 2019

Speaking events November-December 2019

• 12-14 November 2019 European Patients’ Forum Congress 2019 Brussels, Belgium
• 19-21 November 2019 Smart City Expo World Congress 2019 Barcelona, Spain
• 20-23 November 2019 12th European Public Health Conference Marseille, France
• 3-4 December 2019 EHTEL Symposium 2019 Barcelona, Spain

Summary of 2019 Activities

Since the launch of the project in January 2019, the SCIROCCO Exchange partners participated in 24 events and workshops in 11 different countries to promote the project and disseminate the achievements made throughout 2019. The project was also represented in poster presentations, journal articles, website articles and webinars.

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