TaoHealth Research & Implementation

TaoHealth Research & Implementation are conducting research into the role evaluation plays in evidence-informed decision-making specifically in population health and care systems.

The current circumstances have underlined the importance of evidence-based decision-making in the context of complexity including social and political factors. The importance of evaluation embedded as part of policies and practices that are aimed at improving population health and wellbeing has grown in prominence over the last couple of years.

We know relatively little about the attitudes and experiences of commissioners, users and providers of evaluation across Europe and more widely, the extent of real change in a how evaluation is valued and what they see as the future for evaluation and how it can innovate. This study aims to address this gap in our knowledge.

There is more information about the study click  here.

TaoHealth will be sharing the output of this study as soon as it is available via multiple channels including social media with the aim of sharing the learnings as widely as possible. If you would like to get involved with the oversight of this study and reviewing the outputs, please contact Niamh on nlennoxchhugani@taohealth.co.uk

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