The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) announce a knowledge partnership with Synsana

The International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) and Synsana EEIG (Synsana) are delighted to announce a knowledge transfer partnership.

Nick Goodwin said “ IFIC recognises the transformative potential of new digital technologies as a means of underpinning and delivering better integrated health and care services. This partnership broadens the way in which IFIC can support its members, providing a means for engaging with leading European digital healthcare businesses wishing to adopt best practice in the innovative solutions they offer to organisations, professionals and patients.

Andrew Ruck said “ Synsana works with many of the most innovative digital health SME’s across Europe. This partnership will provide them with access to best practice advice and a network which brings together leading integrated care sites, professionals and academics. We look forward to working with IFIC at conferences and through providing joint advisory services to businesses, governments and health payers and providers.”

IFIC is a network that crosses organisational and professional boundaries to bring people together to advance the science, knowledge and adoption of integrated care policy and practice. As a ‘movement for change’, IFIC seeks to achieve this through the development and exchange of ideas among academics, researchers, managers, clinicians, policy makers and users and carers of services throughout the World. In October 2011, IFIC was instituted as an independent Dutch Foundation with an international Board of directors drawn from 16 countries worldwide. The work of the Foundation today has expanded to include a growing research faculty and an Integrated Care Academy © to support education and training as well as knowledge translation. IFIC focuses on influencing professionals, managers and policy-makers in their efforts to adopt integrated care in policy and practice. Key audiences for IFIC therefore include: policy-makers and regulators; system architects; service funders/commissioners; leaders and managers of integrated care projects; professionals delivering care; service users and representative groups in the third sector.

Synsana seeks to strengthen health and care services, to have greater impact on Health Care systems and clinicians, across treatment and care settings and geographies, and to better align with the clinical and personal needs of citizens throughout their lives. Synsana was formed in 2016, as an European Economic Interest Grouping registered in the UK, to provide advisory services to:

  • private companies seeking to enter European health markets with new solutions;
  • public sector organisations providing Health Care services, integrating new solutions, systems and processes, and aligned to key policy drivers.
  • Synsana’s 5 partners are based in Denmark, France, Spain and the UK, Synsana also works with a number of associates worldwide.

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