TransForm E-News June 2020

Transnational Forum on Integrated Community Care 

                                   E-news June 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of society, posing new challenges to citizens and communities across the globe. Stronger and more resilient communities and systems are better able to cope, respond and adapt to these challenges. Integrated Community Care is the systemic approach needed to reinforce community strengths and emphasize prevention. The Transnational Forum on Integrated Community Care seeks to move ICC to the forefront of an international policy and practice agenda.

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Integrated Community Care 4all. New Principles for Care 
Strategy paper to move ICC forward

The strategy paper wants to illuminate both the distinctiveness and diversity of Integrated Community Care (ICC). It aims to reinforce the case for ICC by charting the state of play around this much needed shift in health and social care systems.

The narrative and effectiveness principles presented in the paper are the result of a two-days expert workshop, hosted by TransForm to consolidate the learnings from the three TransForm conferences held in Hamburg (2018), Turin (2019) and Vancouver (2019)

The interactive presentation offers a glimpse on the strategy to move ICC forward. To read more download the digital version of the paper free of charge.

Blog post: Learning from mistakes

We can learn more from our mistakes than from our achievements. Anna Coote,
Principal Fellow at the New Economics Foundation writes about the lessons learned from the UK’s experience of the Covid-19 crisis.

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“Together Apart: Community Life in Times of Crisis” by Cormac Russell, Managing Director of Nurture Development and Director of ABCD Europe, key note speaker at the 1st TransForm Conference in Hamburg (2018)

“Covid-19 – a pivotal moment in community care” by Antoine Boivin, Ghislaine Rouly et al, speakers at the 3rd TransForm Conference in Vancouver (2019).

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