TRANSFORMERS II – Transforming The Healthcare System For The Better

Bronwyn Thirkell, Senior Project Officer at Australia’s North Coast Primary Health Network, discusses November’s Transformers II, a series of event aimed at analysing some of the area’s encouraging health care solutions.

“In November, the Centre for Healthcare Knowledge & Innovation, an initiative of North Coast Primary Health Network (NCPHN), was thrilled to partner with IFIC Australia to present TRANSFORMERS II – Transforming The Healthcare System For The Better.

This was the second event series in partnership with IFIC Australia and offered the opportunity to critique some of the North Coast’s most promising health care solutions.

The Special Event Series was split into five distinct sessions and welcomed international scholars from Scotland, England, Germany, New Zealand and the United States. Guest presenter Dr Peter McGeorge joined the international panel for Sessions 3&4.

The intensive three-day program explored how the ‘Healthy Towns’ movement can benefit the North Coast and focused on the engagement and empowerment of people. Discussions were held around the impact of social determinants of health and the need for narratives and stories that turn patients into people and care into better care.

Other key topics included Patient Centred Medical Home, Winter Strategy, and Reorienting the Models of Care.

Local programs critiqued by the international panel included the Northern NSW Health Literacy Program, the LinkMe Mental Health Program, and North Coast Primary Health Network’s recently implemented Healthy Towns Program.

The series resulted in a number of improvement ideas that will help take the North Coast one step closer to better health care. 261 people were in attendance.”

Transformers III will be held in November 2018.

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