VIGOUR kick-off in Luxembourg

A good start to an ambitious project: From 13-14 February the 17 VIGOUR partners met for the first time in Luxembourg, to get to know each other, discuss initial ideas and to plan their collaborative efforts towards scaling-up integrated care best practices in Europe. Over the next three years, VIGOUR – kindly funded by the European Union’s Health programme (2014-2020) – will develop a support scheme to understand and guide 15 care authorities through a staged process of integrated care system capacity and capability building and implementation.

A crucial part of this process will be dedicated to mutual learning and knowledge exchange not only between VIGOUR regions but also with external European care authorities by offering a VIGOUR webinar and podcast programme. Hence, it will be worth to stay tuned and to follow us here, on Twitter and LinkedIn. The VIGOUR consortium looks forward to an exciting path in front of us.

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