VIGOUR participates in ICIC19 in San Sebastian

From 1-3 April, VIGOUR attended the 19th International Conference on Integrated Care. During the conference, the project took part in two workshops on integrated care capacity building. On Monday, 1 April, VIGOUR was introduced as an EU level action in a workshop organised by DG SANTE and the International Foundation for Integrated Care. The workshop (download agenda) brought together the “demand” side, i.e. health authorities indicating areas where they have specific difficulties in implementation of integrated care and what support they need, and the “supply” side, i.e. organisations or experts who can indicate what knowledge and technical support they can provide towards the needs of the demand side.

On the last day of the conference, VIGOUR co-hosted a workshop “Scaling-up integrated care: A workshop to explore opportunities for capacity building, technical support and twinning” (download agenda). The workshop brought together three recently started EU funded projects, these VIGOURDigitalHealthEurope and SCIROCCO Exchange, to share their approaches for developing support schemes that aim at assisting care authorities in implementing and scaling-up integrated care programmes and solutions. The workshop was a unique opportunity for regions and care authorities involved in the three projects (and beyond) to share their demand for technical assistance and to explore twinning opportunities. Regions and care authorities involved in the three projects identified potential topics of interest for twinning prior to the conference and from their participation as a delegate in the conference. The topics were shared during the workshop and discussions on which regions are interested and the draft objectives of the various twinnings will be explored jointly to inform the development of the projects’ twinning activities.

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