Webinar EIT Health Healthy Loneliness & Manifesto

EIT Health, Healthy Loneliness Project and Official Launch of the Manifesto to minimise the negative effects of loneliness on older adults 25 November 2020 11:00 am CET

As Europe’s population ages, and societal changes lead to greater isolation for older citizens, loneliness is responsible for a decrease in quality of life for a large part of European society. Loneliness has been recognised as a major social and public health problem. Becoming more aware of those who are experiencing loneliness, or at risk of loneliness we can provide older citizens and the vulnerable with tools to tackle their loneliness, increase self-esteem, and help them understand that living alone does not mean living in loneliness.

Recognising the impact loneliness has on the health and mental or psychological well-being of older citizens and the vulnerable, in particular where it can be created through social isolation during emergencies and pandemics, we can transform our services and intervention programmes to be more proactive and responsive.

Through the EIT Health supported project Healthy Loneliness, education programmes and interventions have been developed to reduce the negative impact of loneliness on older adults.

A Manifesto to raise awareness of, and take appropriate and timely actions to minimise the negative effects of loneliness on older adults has been developed. The Manifesto encourages regions and municipalities to endorse guiding principles and actions to raise awareness of the effects of loneliness and reduce its impact on older adults and the societies they live in.

Programme :

▪ Welcome and Introductions
▪ Overview of the Healthy Loneliness Project
▪ Loneliness – Definition, Causes, and Impact
▪ Regional Approaches to addressing loneliness on older adults
▪ Launch of the Manifesto
▪ Q&A

Speakers include : Vicente Traver UPV, Valencia ; Antonio Martinez Millana, UPV, Valencia ; Donatella Tramontano, University of Naples ; Maria Trinidad Herrero, University of Murcia ; Anais Fernandez, eSeniors, France ; Elena Rocher, Las Naves, Valencia ; John Farrell, RSCN. Other speakers to be confirmed

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