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IFIC Chairman Guus Schrijvers will speak at COCIR 2015 eHealth Summit

IFIC Chairman Guus Schrijvers will speak at COCIR 2015 eHealth Summit

Integrated Care: Breaking the silos

Better Integrated Care services, using Health IT to share information and collaborate across the care continuum, are increasingly viewed as a practical way to tackle the challenges healthcare systems are facing. The implementation of eHealth services for integrating care hold great potential for breaking down the silos that exist between primary and secondary and health and social care sectors. However, for Europe’s citizens and patients to fully benefit from the potential of digital Integrated Care models, several obstacles will need to be overcome.

Through its second annual eHealth Summit, organised in partnership with the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) and the European Hospital and Healthcare Federation (HOPE), COCIR aims to provide key EU and national policy-makers and health stakeholders with a unique opportunity to discuss solutions on how to overcome these challenges and to achieve tangible outcomes that will provide a platform for action. While the multi-stakeholder Summit will thematically focus on the concept of Integrated Care, a specific emphasis will be put on the supportive role the Digital Single Market can play in this respect. Furthermore, the Summit aims to also address niche topics such as the role of women in ICT enabled Integrated Care in cooperation with the European Federation of Nurses Associations.

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