Alejandro Gil-Salmerón

International Leadership In The Design Of Personalised Integrated Care Pathways For Older Adults

By Miriam Galvin / April 14, 2021
IFIC has led the redesign of a multi-layer care pathway for older adults in Europe in the framework of the PROCare4Life project. Specific to this project, "the purpose of the care pathway planning is to produce a written document that records needs, identifies actions to be taken, and resources that need to be put in place… Read More

Alejandro Gil Salmerón

By Miriam Galvin / February 10, 2021


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ICIC20 – Workforce capacity-building

By Miriam Galvin / January 28, 2021
Session 5A - Workforce capacity-building chaired by Prof. Prof Áine Carroll Presentations and Speakers: Health care delivery for minor migrants and refugees in EU: gaps in the knowledge and expertise of health care providers Mr Alejandro Gil-Salmerón Development of a framework for preparing organisations and teams for neighbourhood working Ms Kirsty Marshall Spotlight on careers… Read More

ICIC20 – Remembering the person

By Miriam Galvin / January 27, 2021
Session 3G - Remembering the person chaired by Mr Alejandro Gil-Salmerón Presentations and Speakers: Forget dementia, remember the person! Mr Olivier Constant Big Data, Healthcare System and Audience fragmentation: current and future trends and possibilities for media reporting on healthcare topics Ms Leali Osmančević Computational model for comprehensive medical care and monitoring of patients with… Read More