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The role of hospitals in the integrated care systems of the future across the orld

The role of hospitals in the integrated care systems of the future across the world

By Admin / November 16, 2021
Integrated care has historically been defined conceptually by the problems it has aimed to solve, namely fragmentation of services, health systems not designed for the needs of an aging population living with multiple chronic diseases, and under-resourced primary care. Download the publication PDF Strategy A4 PDF Read More
Slaintecare Paper

Sláintecare – Delivering the promise of universal person-centred care in Ireland

By Admin / October 6, 2021
At the International Foundation for Integrated Care, we have many years of experience sharing and generating knowledge on integrated person-centred care: why it’s important, what it can achieve and what it needs to be successful. The recent resignation of the two most senior members of the team implementing the Sláintecare reform programme in Ireland has… Read More

Our Strategy 2022–2026 – Accelerating the movement for change

By Admin / October 1, 2021
During 2022 and 2023 IFIC will consolidate its position as the leading integrated care knowledge network globally and secure a financially and operationally sustainable future. Over the next 5 years IFIC will grow the movement for change globally with a particular focus on growth in non-English speaking countries and those at an early stage of… Read More
Legislating for integrated care in the UK: Lessons from abroad

Legislating for integrated care in the UK: Lessons from abroad

By Admin / April 15, 2021
The UK Government’s recently published White Paper Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all which applies to England, prompted us to think about what lessons we could share from other systems legislative change initiatives as the government develops the detail of the Bill and local health and care systems… Read More

WEBINAR: IFIC Ireland – Advancing Integrated Care – Session 5 – Patient Voice in Design of Integrated Care Systems

By Admin / November 11, 2019

Integrated care requires joined up information for effective planning, delivery and management. Different countries are experimenting with a range policy approaches to designing integrated information systems with varying levels of success. Informati

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WEBINAR: Integrated Care Solutions Webinar Series – Evidence-based domains that underpin successful Integrated Care

By Admin / July 12, 2018

This webinar explores the evidence-based domains that underpin successful integrated care systems and presents a framework and toolkit called the Accountable Integrated Care Health Check that enables health and care systems to understand where they a

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