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ICIC20 – Approaches to case finding and risk stratification

By Miriam Galvin / January 28, 2021
Session 5J - Education or knowledge exchange: preparing for the future chaired by Mr Phillip Davies Presentations and Speakers: International Interprofessional Mentorship for New Clinicians Dr Kate Barlow and Mr David Thomforde French national team-training hospital programme (Pacte) : results from the pilot phase assessment Dr Candice Legris Improving Critical Thinking Skills in master integrated… Read More

Masters in Integrated Care Design

By Niamh Daly Day / September 1, 2023

01/09/2023 @ All Day –

The MICD is a two-year part time online course, part of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands. It is designed for students with a professional Bachelor Degree. During the MICD, students acquire additional generic qualifications. These qualifications are necessary for positions such as advisor, quality manager, unit- or team manager, project manager and those positions where a resourceful, sensitive, durable, efficient, effective, creative and evidence-based design is needed to deal with multiple, unpredictable and very often chronic, problems.

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