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SELFIE (Sustainable intEgrated care modeLs for multi-morbidity: delivery, FInancing and performancE) is a Horizon2020 EU project that will contribute to the current state of knowledge and provide applicable policy advice on integrated care for persons with multi-morbidity. Currently, over 50 million persons in Europe have more than one chronic disease, and this number will increase dramatically in the near future. As a consequence, health care spending will increase to a staggering 20% of GDP.
Multi-morbidity will become the number one threat to population health and economic sustainability of health care systems. New models of care for multi-morbid persons are urgently needed. SELFIE aims to improve person-centered care for persons with multi-morbidity by proposing evidence-based, economically sustainable, integrated chronic care models that stimulate cooperation across health and social care sectors. It also aims to propose appropriate financing/payment schemes that support the implementation of these models.

1. Cross-country comparative descriptive research of Integrated Chronic Care (ICC) models for persons with multi-morbidity, including a list of financial/payment schemes that support the implementation of these models;
2. Intra-country evaluations of financing/payment schemes of ICC models, and Multi-Criteria Decision Analyses (MCDA) of the 16 most promising ICC models;
3. Evidence synthesis, and development of implementation strategies that match the different healthcare systems in Europe, and support the transferability of the ICC models also to Central and Eastern European Countries.

• Taxonomy of most promising ICC models for multi-morbid persons. This includes a toolkit of interventions to develop ICC models and embed them in specific health and social care systems.
• List of financing/payment schemes with adequate incentives to support the implementation of ICC for multi-morbidity.
• Price-setting document explaining the technicalities of deriving a price for ICC models.
• Performance assessment tool to monitor the goal achievement of ICC models, this tool will include new indicators that specifically address the quality of care for persons with multi-morbidity.
• Strategies for implementation and change management.