EU for child

EUropean foundations for CHILDhood Cancer Ecosystem

EU4CHILD is meant to lay the foundations for the development of a multi-purpose crowdsourcing ecosystem for Pediatric Cancer Genomic Data inventory, able to support a set of AI-based services for several types of cancer detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

For such ambition, EU4CHILD relied on three main pillars:

  1. The creation of a complete multiperspective (ethical, privacy, governance, medical-based, IT, AI specialists and infrastructure) State-of-the-Art that will permit to understand where stand, complemented by a roadmap exploring the possibilities to implement the platform under the requirements while providing guidelines about the mechanisms and tools for engaging all actors in an unified and holistic ecosystem construction.
  2. A framework that will concentrate all initiatives, dataset and solutions across Europe, as a reference to access the information, enabling the exploration of opportunities among all related stakeholders.
  3. The Community building and engagement among all European actors, creating a multi-stakeholder’s network that will develop working streams with digital initiatives fighting cancer

IFIC’s Role: IFIC is leading the Community building, Outreach and Exploitation work package and share the work of the project to its network 30,000 people across Europe and the rest of the world, policy-makers and decision-makers and other key stakeholders to ensure the work is integrated into policy and practice in the future. In addition to the usual internal communication and external dissemination guidance and channels, IFIC will also provide its annual conferences and the International Journal for Integrated Care as platforms for project partners to disseminate information about the progress, results and learning.

UNICA4EU builds on the results advanced by EU4Child, sharing a common website that reflects this deep collaboration.

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Project Team Members

Fiona Lyne
Director of Communications

Pilar Gangas Peiro
Senior Researcher

Arturo Alvarez
Senior Researcher