Inter-American Development Bank

Inter-American Development Bank commissioned the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC) to provide consulting services to advise on the profile and service model for a ‘closed door’ Intermediate and Long-Term Care Hospital on the Hospital Geral Menandro de Faria (HGMF) site.

This re-profiled HGMF will complement the proposed new ‘open door’ Metropolitan Hospital of around 350 beds that will be built approximately five kilometres from the site of HGMF.

Both developments are part of the PROSUS project to transform healthcare through promotion of universal health coverage, development of multi-disciplinary primary health care teams and specialist consultation, diagnostic and treatment centres, and better management of care within and between services using a model based on integrated health service delivery networks.

Profile and Service Model for an Intermediate and Long-Term Care Hospital in Metropolitan Region of Salvador, Brasil