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Developing a patient survey of care co-ordination to older people


When care is not joined up it affects both patients and carers adversely, but currently there are few robust and tested instruments for assessing how well users of health and social care services feel their care is being coordinated. IFIC is part of a team led by the Nuffield Trust in the UK that will develop a survey tool to measure the quality of integrated care from the perspective of service users in a project funded by the Aetna Foundation in the USA.

The project will lead to the development of a survey tool which will be reliable, valid, easy-to-use, and suitable for use by different commissioners, providers and services, both in the UK and internationally. After the project is concluded in September/October 2015 it is hoped that IFIC and its partners will be able to field test the survey internationally.

IFIC lead: Nick Goodwin

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