Consisting of 14 partners from 6 EU Member states, PROCare4Life will improve the quality of life for older people. Co-ordinated by Kinetiko – Driven Solutions LDA in Portugal, PROCare4Life is a 3 year project and will have an impact at several levels, including local, regional, national, European and internationally.

It aims to build on strong communication connections with the relevant research and innovation activities of Horizon 2020 and other EU, national and international programmes. Key stakeholders are involved in many health and care domains, and located in numerous geographic locations. 

A broad range of collective knowledge and expertise is brought together by PROCare4Life partners. These include key opinion leaders and influencers:

  • from research and innovation to large-scale deployment in digital health
  • from interoperability and standards, to health service innovation
  • and from the technical to the policy levels.

IFIC’s Role: IFIC is: leading the WP8 dissemination, communication, and exploitation of the innovative integrated care solution PC4L; completing the WP7 validation of the model through an evaluation process; providing advice on the cross-cutting integrated care approach WP4; providing expertise regarding Integrated Care pathway development.

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Niamh Lennox-Chhugani


Fiona Lyne

Director of Communications

Arturo Alvarez

Senior Researcher

Pilar Gangas Peiró

Senior Researcher

David Linnane

Communications Officer

Niamh Daly Day

Digital Marketing and Events Officer