Project Integrate

Benchmarking Integrated Care for better Management of Chronic and Age-related Conditions in Europe.


Project INTEGRATE aims to gain valuable insights into the leadership, management and delivery of integrated care to support European care systems to respond to the challenges of ageing populations and the rise of people living with long-term chronic conditions.

This project has already examined four case studies of best practices of integrated care in Europe, in the areas of COPD, Mental Health, Geriatric Conditions and Diabetes, that have had a proven impact in terms of improving patient experiences, generating better care outcomes and providing cost-effectiveness. The key aim of this part of the research was to define what constitutes good quality integrated care provision, and how integrated care systems can most effectively be built.

In Phase 2 of the research, the project is considering the cross-cutting themes process design, service delivery, skill mix, patient involvement, financial flows, regulatory conditions, and enabling information technologies in order to create connectivity, alignment and collaboration within and between the cure and care sectors.

In the final phase of work, Project INTEGRATE will provide managerial and policy recommendations, based on evidence from successful integrated care experiences examined in the early phases and evidence from international best practice. These recommendations will impact on the development of national and European policy development and practice.