Delivering integrated eCare


SmartCare is a major three-year project funded under ICT PSP sixth call for proposals 2012 under the objective ‘wide deployment of integrated care services’. Involving 44 organisations across Europe, the purpose of SmartCare is first to define a specification (integration building blocks) for the use of ICT tools necessary to support integrated care across organisations and locations, specifically between health and social care, to the benefit of older people with complex needs. These will then be piloted and evaluated in regions as diverse as Scotland, Southern Denmark, Aragon and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

IFIC’s primary contribution in 2014 has been to provide support and leadership to the initial work packages of the project, specifically writing the ’deployment level service specifications’ that identifies the different functions and activities within the use cases (care pathways for older people) and affiliated information, communication and technical requirements to achieve that. The document helps to serve as a road map for different European regions to implement SmartCare from a services perspective.

IFIC leads: Leo Lewis, Nick Goodwin and Fiona Lyne

PDF Download: D3.1 Deployment Level Service Specification Final Revised 2

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