The focus of the Transnational Forum on Integrated Community Care (TransForm) goes beyond the most common interpretations placed on integrated care (i.e. integration of health and social care provision). Rather, TransForm seeks to examine how co-productive partnerships that empower people in local communities can be developed through cross-sectoral collaborations.

The overarching aim of the Forum is to trigger the interest of and inspire policy-makers, key stakeholders and practitioners to foster integrated community care. It seeks to achieve this through finding and analysing promising practices in integrated community care and learning from their experiences and impact.

Project description

At the start of the project, and continuing throughout its development, TransForm is undertaking a mapping exercise of promising practices in the area of ICC that will serve as a source of evidence and the basis for developing a series of conferences and site visits. This exercise is being supported by an Advisory Group composed of experts from different backgrounds.

From September 2018 to March 2020, four transnational conferences – with accompanying site visit programmes – are being organised in Europe and Canada. The conferences will be based around expert lectures, illustrative case studies and theme-based workshops through which delegates will be able to debate and discuss key issues and so make observations and recommendations related to how such issues might best be taken forward in practice. The study visits to ‘promising practices’ of ICC will provide insights into different approaches to ICC that have been put into practice in various settings and the issues and challenges these practices face in organising and sustaining their activities

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TransForm will bring together the findings from the mapping exercise and the experience documented across the four transnational conferences in a final synthesis report, to be published at the end of the project. The study will examine the overall key lessons and markers for success in integrated community care for policy and practice. Furthermore, it will include a cross-cutting analysis of the research evidence to find common elements in the promising practices identified in the mapping.