A unique European vision for Artificial Intelligence to fight Childhood Cancer

UNICA4EU aims at helping children and adolescent with cancer through AI: benchmarking algorithms for early detection, diagnosis, treatment, risk scores and patient stratification to build a framework that can improve the stand of care and address unmet needs for patients, caregivers and clinicians. UNICA4EU is co-designing a new EU-wide methodology that will support specific AI-based interventions for Childhood Cancer in compliance with the highest medical and safety standards to ensure their clinical usability, from a patient centric approach and advocating for strategic policy contributions that expand on existing standards and guidelines to boost the adoption of AI techniques in healthcare to serve and protect patients and caregivers’ needs and rights. Key for this project is the strengthening of the paediatric cancer EU community. UNICA4EU builds on the results advanced by EU4Child, sharing a common website that reflects this deep collaboration. IFIC’S role: IFIC supports the Community strengthening, and lead the Impact Assessment, exploitation and sustainability.

Project Lead

Fiona Lyne
Director of Communications

Arturo Alvarez
Senior Researcher

Pilar Gangas Peiro
Senior Researcher