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Advanced Education in Integrated Care SIG

The SIG for Advanced Education in Integrated Care has been established as a global network of institutions that have created or are planning for the development of program curricula and advanced education for developing, delivering and leading integrated care systems, including Master’s degrees, certificates, diplomas, and other forms of professional development. The SIG will enable members to explore their shared interest in advancing knowledge and education for integrated care including the potential for: shared programming, curricula and education materials; global integrative case-based learning; shared faculty and cross-appointments; international student learning; expanding research and evidence for integration; and, other opportunities.

Prospective members
Members represent academic institutions or other bodies that provide professional development and education programs, and which share an interest in advanced education in integrated care, including programs targeted at leadership, management, and front-line interprofessional teams.

Aims and objectives
The aims for the SIG are to:

  • Establish a network of members with shared commitment to advancing education for integrated care;
  • Create a forum to learn about existing and emerging programs, share curricula, materials, and ideas;
  • Identify opportunities to promote scholarship and research, including policy, evidence, and practice, for integrated care;
  • Explore the potential for partnerships between institutions and with patients and caregivers;
  • Identify the potential role for IFIC in facilitating collaboration as well as in hosting/developing educational content; and,
  • Establish a foundation for a networked-model of international learning focused on integrated care.
  • Explore effective instructional and experiential learning methodologies in integrated care to identify pedagogical methodologies that are making the most impact
  • Develop strategies for sustainability in leadership and supporting emerging leadership to enable champions for integrated care.
  • Create consensus around educational goals and/or competencies for Integrated Care

Activities of the SIG/ Outputs

(Year 1)

  • Create an inventory of existing programs and those under development, including utilizing IFIC research student resources (by January 2019)
  • Create a shared portfolio of curricula from existing programs, including review of teaching methodology and content (by March 2019)
  • Provide information on inventory of education resources to IFIC for the website (March 2019)
  • Outline potential areas for development and research (March 2019)
  • Co-author an article that distills shared group knowledge and reflection on the current status and future directions of education & training in integrated care. “Learning how to Learn in Integrated Care: What is known and what isn’t known?” (April 2019)
  • Host a panel at the 2019 ICIC Conference on developing advanced education for integrated care (April 2019)

SIG structure
Co-Chairs – Anne Wojtak (University of Toronto) and Cara English (Cummings Institute)

Initial membership:
Cummings Institute (Arizona, US)
Mental Health Professionals Network (Australia)
National University of Singapore (Singapore)
University of Applied Sciences (Utrecht, NL)
University of Birmingham (UK)
University Centre for Rural Health (Australia)
University College Dublin (Ireland)
University of Greenwich (UK)
University Health Network (Toronto, Canada)
University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
University of the West of Scotland (Scotland)

SIG resources
Assistance with inventory of education resources: IFIC PhD researcher, Frances Barraclough
Support for SIG activities, communications, etc: IFIC staff

Meeting frequency every 2 months starting September 2019

Facilitated by:

Dr Cara English

Dr Cara English is the Chief Executive Officer of Cummings Graduate Institute and is the Special Interest Lead for Advanced Education in Integrated Care

Dr. Anne Wojtak

Dr. Anne Wojtak is a Adjunct Professor in the Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation in University of Toronto and is the Special Interest Lead for Advanced Education in Integrated Care.