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Ageing and Frailty SIG

AIMS: to facilitate collaboration across disciplines and across Countries to enhance our understanding, adoption and evaluation of ageing and frailty as a key component of people centred integrated care. This SIG will build upon our collaboration with ADVANTAGE JA – the EU Joint Action on Ageing and Frailty involving 22 Member States – as part of the dissemination and legacy of the Joint Action. The SIG will also complement the work plans of the SIGs for Intermediate Care, Polypharmacy and Adherence, Palliative and End of Life Care, and Self Management and Coproduction.

This Special Interest Group (SIG) has an international membership with 523 members and still growing.  If you would like to be on the mailing list for this group, please email Marie Curran: and you will receive SIG updates, IFIC Scotland newsletters and information on our webinars.

Facilitated by:

Marie Curran
Coordinator of IFIC Scotland Special Interest Groups
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)


SIG Leads:

Anne Hendry

Janette Barrie

Ageing and Frailty SIG Workplan 2020 – 2022 


Timescale / Date


Actions for 2022

Integrated Care Matters Webinars or eforum 

April 2022: Creating wellbeing in later life – what works?

Mandy Andrew

Engage with Age Friendly World network and share outputs of WeLL programme 

Feb 2022: Anticipatory Care in Action

Anne Hendry

Feature Catalonia and UK AC models

Dec 2021: Healthy homes, places and spaces  

Mandy Andrew

Involve MEAPP & Local Area Coordination  

Sep 2021:  Frailty Matters project – presentations here

UWS Team

Feb 2021: Age Friendly, Healthy, Connected Communities Recording and topic resource here 

Anne Hendry

Aug 2020 Round Table on Healthy Ageing report here

Janette Barrie

June 2020: Enhanced healthcare support in care homes

Janette Barrie

Good practice case studies 

added to SharePoint here  

Marie Curran

Gather examples of integrated LTC linking with LTC Covid  

Guidance, tools and reviews 

added to SharePoint here 

Marie Curran


Study visits / Twinning   

Jan 2022 – Biscay / Age Platform Europe virtual exchange  

Oct 2021– RoundTable on Long Term Care policy and practice featuring Eksote in S karelia, Finland  – report here 

Summer 2021 – Action Learning Group with Manx Care 

Anne Hendry

Share Age Platform Europe / Biscay work

Focus on island, coastal and rural models  


Dec 2021: Long Term Care

Feb 2021: Frailty Matters

Sep 2020: Deafness and Dementia 

Anne Hendry 

Raymond Duffy

Anne Hendry

Reprompt moderators to draft a blog 

International Conference Sessions/Workshops

EUGMS London Sep 2022  

May 2022 – ICIC22 Odense, Denmark 

Dec 2021 – Institute of Social Policy and Research  

Dec 2021 – WHO Europe LTC Regional Consultation  

Oct 2021 – Edad y Vida conference, Spain  

Oct 2021NACIC2021 – 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care, Toronto, Canada  

May 2021 – ICIC21 Virtual Conference 

Sep 2020 – ICIC20 Virtual Conference  


Explore SIG study visit with BGS and EuGMS

Support WHO Europe session on LTC and engage in their LTC Forum  

Posters and Presentations can be accessed here 

Collaborative Publications/Research 

2020:  Journal of Integrated Care Special Issue Vol. 28 No. 4  Editorial and 8 papers via SIG networks  


7 peer reviewed publications on frailty since 2020 by international consortium as legacy from AdvantageJA   


Collaboration with RSCN on survey of falls programmes  

IFIC Scotland, IFIC Ireland, UWS and SAC

SIG members 

Univ of Graz and RSCN  

Abstract submitted for ICIC22  

Education and Training

May 2022 – UCC School of Nursing and Midwifery conference  

2021 Frailty educational mapping and coaching programme  

UCC, Ireland

UWS Team

Test Frailty House with Manx Care MDT