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Compassionate Communities SIG

This Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to facilitate collaboration across disciplines and across countries to enhance our understanding, adoption and evaluation of compassionate communities as a key component of people centred integrated care.

Compassionate Communities is a global movement that recognises that caring for one another at times of health crisis and personal loss is not solely the responsibility for health and social services, but is everyone’s business. The approach aims to enable all of us to live well within our communities to the very end of our lives. The concept has evolved from the work of Professor Allan Kellehear, an Australian Public Health academic (Compassionate Cities: Public health and end of life care 2005). There is now a vibrant global movement around Compassionate Communities. Some examples focus on palliative and end of life care or on older people while others have embraced an assets based and community development approach to participation, wellbeing and healthy neighbourhoods.

Members will shape the scope of SIG activities and outputs. These may include:

  • Webinars and online peer support
  • Good practice case studies, guidance and tools
  • Study visits
  • Blogs
  • Evidence reviews and consensus documents
  • Collaborative action research and benchmarking

If you have an interest in compassionate communities, practical experience or resources to share, a question or challenge for SIG members, or suggestions for future SIG activities please contact Marie Curran, SIG facilitator

This Special Interest Group (SIG) has an international membership with 128 members and still growing.  If you would like to be on the mailing list for this group, please email Marie Curran: and you will receive SIG updates, IFIC Scotland newsletters, and information on our webinars.

Facilitated by:

Marie Curran
Coordinator of IFIC Scotland Special Interest Groups
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)


SIG Co-leads:

Alison Bunce & Anne Mills

Compassionate Communities Workplan 2020 – 2022 


Timescale /Date


Actions for 2022

Webinar/ Forums etc

June 2022  Inclusion Health – lessons from GPs at the Deep End  


April 2022 – Creating Wellbeing in Later Life – what works?   


April 2020: Social leadership, collective action and kindness – Recording and Resources here 

Anne Hendry & Alison Bunce  



Alison Bunce & Mandy Andrew 

Weave compassionate communities theme through these webinars  

Good Practice Case Studies 

added to SharePoint here 

Marie Curran


Guidance, Tools and Reviews

added to SharePoint  here 

Marie Curran


Study Visits / Twinning


Nov 2021: Sing the Change: What a Wonderful World Connected and Distant:  


Oct 2021: Journeying towards a Compassionate Community:  

Mandy Andrew 




Alison Bunce 

Prompt more blogs  

International Conference Participation  

ICIC22 Odense, Denmark 

Oct 2021 NACIC2021 – Toronto, Canada 

May 2021: ICIC21 Virtual Conference  

Sep 2020: IFIC Virtual Conference  

Posters and Presentations can be accessed here 

Collaborative Publications /Research 

2020 – 2021 – Collaboration with Memora Foundation’s  Ciudades que Cuidan report, debate and conference  


Evaluation of Compassionate Inverclyde  

Education and Training

Oct 2021 – Mar 2022 – Wellbeing in Later Life (WeLL) Co-labs and Conversation Cafes

Mandy Andrew / Alison  Bunce

Share WeLL report and briefing

2020 – March 2021 – Compassionate Communities Active Learning Programme Cohort 1 full report can be found here 

Alison Bunce / Mandy Andrew  

2021 / 2022 Support for IFICs Online Certificate Module 4

Continue to support Population Health Module in IFICs online Certificate