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Inclusion Health SIG

Aims:We aim to facilitate sharing and creation of knowledge on how to develop, deliver and evaluate integrated care using a human rights-based approach to inclusion and intersectionality. Adopting Maclachlan et al. (2007) thinking of inclusive health and promoting the idea of inclusion as a proactive approach to understanding the impact of the structural determinants of health and inequity experienced by so many globally.


  • Develop an international platform for sharing experiences in integrated care in Inclusion Health
  • Ensure that all evidence reviews, studies and programmes in integrated care consider health equity and socially excluded people
  • Develop key documents, including a chapter in the Integrated Care Handbook, outlining the principles of Inclusion Health
  • Understand the impact of social exclusion, intergenerational trauma and social and structural determinants on health
  • Develop tools for evaluation of integrated care in the context of social exclusion


  • Publication of book chapter
  • Sharing of practice and lessons learned in building trust and engagement
  • Webinars with international guest speakers

First Inclusion Health Special Interest Group (SIG) took place on 13th September 2023.

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Facilitated by:

Dr Clíona Ni Cheallaigh
Infectious diseases and internal medicine physician
St James’s Hospital
Trinity College, Dublin

Kate Frazer
Director of Faculty Development
University College Dublin (UCD)