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Leadership in Integrated Care SIG







  • The leadership SIG aims to establish a network of members with shared commitment to advancing leadership as a critical enabler of integrated care.
  • Creating a forum to share insights and evidence on leadership perspectives in the design and implementation of integrated care as a context.
  • Identify opportunities to promote scholarship and research that focuses on leadership as a distinct function for achieving integrated care;
  • Establish portfolio of international evidence to inform current and future leadership practices in integrated care.
  • Develop strategies for sustainability in leadership and supporting emerging leadership to enable champions for integrated care.
  • Create consensus around leadership behaviours, building on existing insights.
  • Identify best practice cases in leadership and failure examples.


The SIG is for patients and carers, practitioners, managers, researchers, students, and policy makers engaged in planning, designing, delivering integrated care in different health and care systems or doing research in this field.


The SIG will provide a platform for members to share implementation experience, highlight examples of good practice, signpost practical resources, and agree and collaborate on research that supports the discipline of leadership in integrated care. Members will shape the scope of SIG activities and outputs. These may include:

➢ Webinars and online peer support
➢ Good practice case studies
➢ Practical resources – guidance and tools
➢ Study visits/exchanges
➢ Evidence reviews
➢ Consensus documents
➢ Collaborative research
➢ Benchmarking

Upcoming webinar:

Building leadership capability in integrated care will take place on Thursday, 1st February at 14;30pm. Register here

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Facilitated by:

Dr. PJ Harnett 
Head of Integrated Care
Mowlam Healthcare