SIG Special Interest Groups

Public Health and Population Health Management SIG

Aim: The aim of the Special Interest Group is to support the identification and scaling up of innovative approaches to improvement population health.

Definition: Population health management comprises the systems and processes required to achieve the greatest improvement in health and relief of suffering for a defined population from the resources available through:

  • The efficient and effective delivery of care in response to individual presenting to and asking for help from the health and care system
  • Identification of individuals and offer of intervention to those currently not in receipt of interventions that evidence suggests are likely to improve their health and wellbeing, reduce the risk of future ill-health, and/or reduce costs to both the health system and the wider community
  • Salutogenesis i.e. provision of support for individuals and communities and the use of local assets to protect and promote health through:
    • Promoting individual knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that promote health
    • Supporting the development of strong social networks
    • Creating a health sustaining physical environment

Activities: Assessment of Population Health Management Tools

Main objectives:
In order to reach its aim, the SIG will pursue the following objectives:

  • Identify, synthesize and share information on innovative examples that link integrated care provision and public health functions
  • Appraise their evidence base, develop and recommend robust methods for the evaluation of these complex interventions
  • Identify context factors crucial for their transferability and scalability
  • Assess, develop and publish tools that can be widely applied for population health improvement

Background: Members have met twice at IFIC conferences in Barcelona and Dublin.

Future plans: Elaboration of a review paper on population health management tools, consultation exercise on population health management tools

ICIC18 Utrecht SIG Workshop on Population Health Management

Facilitated by:

Dr Oliver Gröne

Dr Oliver Gröne is Vice Chairman of the Board at OptiMedis and is the Special interest lead for Public Health and Population Health Management