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Rural, Remote and Small Island Systems SIG

PURPOSE: Rural, remote or island communities often face similar challenges such as outward migration combined with an ageing population and high levels of chronic disease; a limited workforce skills base and difficulties with recruitment and retention of specific specialist staff; lack of economies of scale resulting in high costs for energy, infrastructure, transportation, communication and services; and reliance on public sector provision.
Many health and care professionals and partners in these settings are driving innovation and testing new ways of working at pace to improve outcomes for, and with their communities and build resilient and sustainable systems.

MEMBERS: The SIG is for practitioners, managers, researchers, students, educational providers, regaulators, policy makers and leaders involved in planning, delivering and evaluating Integrated Care in rural, remote or island settings. It provides a platform for members to learn from each other, share examples of innovation and good practice, and understand how to build system resilience and accelerate transformational change with these  communities.

ACTIVITIES: SIG members shape the scope of SIG activities and outputs.  These may include:

  • Exchange of good practice case studies and practical resources on integrated care
  • Networking sessions at IFIC Conference workshops
  • Informal, self organised study visits and twinning activities
  • Webinars and virtual learning events on people centred integrated care on islands
  • Small Islands Learning Exchange to share progress in transforming outcomes



  • Place based models of care
  • Innovation in active and healthy ageing
  • Integrated planning and delivery of long term care and end of life care
  • Approaches to commissioning off island treatment
  • Integrated workforce development and education
  • Integrated approaches to quality improvement, regulation and scrutiny

More information about integrated care in Scotland is available at and at the IFIC Scotland page. If you have an interest in practical experience or resources to share, a question for community members, or suggestions for future activities please contact Marie Curran

This Special Interest Group (SIG) has an international membership with 139 members and still growing.  If you would like to be on the mailing list for this group, please email Marie Curran: and you will receive SIG updates, IFIC Scotland newsletters and information on our webinars.

Facilitated by:

Marie Curran
Coordinator of IFIC Scotland Special Interest Groups
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)


SIG Co-leads:

Prof Sarah-Anne Munoz
Remote & Rural Health Research & Evaluation
National Centre for Remote and Rural Health and Care
NHS Education for Scotland (NES)

Anna Prytherch
Head of Rural Health and Care Wales (RHCW)

Oliver Radford
Executive Director of Health Services
Manx Care
Isle of Man