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Self management and Co-production SIG

This Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to facilitate collaboration across sectors and between countries to enhance our understanding, adoption and evaluation of Self management and Co-production.

This SIG will build upon the collaboration fostered by the UK’s first Four Nations Summit on Self Management, hosted by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland in October 2017. The summit brought together a collective of 50 leaders from across the United Kingdom – reflecting the diversity of perspectives, disciplines and sectors which make up the health and care systems of the UK – to consider “what needs to be done in order that everyone is able to self manage on their terms?”

The SIG is for people with lived experience, practitioners, managers, researchers, students, policy makers and health economists engaged in planning, designing, delivering and evaluating Self management and Co-production principles and approaches to engage, empower and enable people centred integrated care in different health and care systems.

The SIG will provide a platform for members to share implementation experience, highlight examples of good practice, signpost practical resources, and agree and collaborate on research, education and evaluation priorities for self management and coproduction. Members will shape the scope of SIG activities and outputs. These may include:

  • Webinars and online peer support
  • Good practice case studies
  • Practical resources – guidance and tools
  • Study Visits
  • Blogs
  • Evidence reviews
  • Consensus documents
  • Collaborative action research
  • Benchmarking

Topics for 2018 – 2020 Options for the initial focus of the SIG include:

  • Understand the evidence base about self-management and evaluating self-management approaches, and associated concepts such as enablement: what works for individuals, families and systems in different context and life circumstances.
  • Ways of communicating public messages on self-management and wellbeing and gathering evidence on approaches to citizen engagement
  • Compare approaches to participation, co-design and peer research
  • Share experience and evidence on effective health literacy and social prescribing signposting and support for shared decision making
  • Exploring the role of the third sector, of volunteers, of people with lived experience and unpaid carers

Interested Stakeholders to link with

• Four Nations Summit delegates
• Realistic Medicine champions
• Coproduction Network – Scotland and Wales
• Self Care Forum
• National Voices
• Personal outcomes collaboration
• Institute for Positive Health – the Netherlands
• Qulturum and Esther Network – Sweden
• Bevan Commission Wales

Get Involved
If you have an interest in self-management and co-production, practical experience or resources to share, a question or challenge for SIG members, or suggestions for future SIG activities please contact Marie Curran, SIG facilitator. Please send Marie your name; organisation; and email contact to

This Special Interest Group (SIG) has an international membership with 213 members and still growing.  If you would like to be on the mailing list for this group, please email Marie Curran: and you will receive SIG updates, IFIC Scotland newsletters and information on our webinars.

Facilitated by:

Marie Curran
Coordinator of IFIC Scotland Special Interest Groups
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)


SIG Co-leads:

Grace Beaumont, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland   

Self Management and Co-production Workplan 2020 – 2022 


Timescale / Date



Engagement SIG membership to support workplan reflecting members needs and issues. 

January – April 2022. Potential areas of focus: 

  • Social prescribing  
  • Role of engagement and lived experience  
  • Self Management evaluation  
  • Co-production to support change/improvements

Sara Redmond & Mandy Andrew 

  • An active workplan will support members to connect and network to support knowledge sharing and best practice  

Webinars or eforum 

Integrated Care Matters Webinars Series 5 

  • Social Prescribing: up close and personal or socially distanced: 18 November 2020 
  • Health Literacy and Realistic Medicine webinar 16th June 2021 
  • Explore further webinar topics x 2 for 2022 in response to SIG members requested themes 

Sara Redmond & Mandy Andrew 

  • 114 registered from 22 countries. Recording and topic resource here 
  • 103 registered from 23 countries. Recording and topic resource here 

Good Practice Case Studies 

Ongoing – added to SharePoint  

  • Progress review and updating of current case studies by April 2022 

Marie Curran

Access Documents here  

Guidance, Tools and Reviews

Ongoing – added to SharePoint 

  • Progress review and updating of current case studies by April 2022 

Marie Curran


Study Visits / Twinning

Face to face current on hold due to COVID 19 restrictions 


Revisit and develop in line with refresh SIG themes in 2022 

National Conference Participation  

ICIC22: session chairs May 2022 

NACIC21 Scientific Committee Oct 2021 

ICIC21: session chairs May 2021 

Proposed ICIC22: session chairs May 2022 

Posters and Presentations can be accessed here 

Collaborative Publications/Research 

Utilise the SIG platform to support dissemination of research outcomes to support practice: ongoing 2022  

Education and Training

  • Promote the ERPIC network role & opportunities, including mentoring 
  • Share IJIC publication opportunities  

Progress recruitment of further Self Management & Co-production SIG  

From January 2022 

Sara Redmond & Mandy Andrew 

Support recruitment of SIG moderators to reflect the wider IFIC network 

Self Management & Co-production SIG Moderators  

  • Claire Hurlin, Strategic Head of Community and Chronic Conditions Management in Hywel Dda University Health Board 
  • Sinead Malone, Regional ICP Business Manager, Directorate of Integrated Care, Health & Social Care Board in Northern Ireland 
  • (Raquel Castro was the Open Academy Director, Social Policy Director at EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe and moved in the summer to become the Senior Operations Manager at SMA Europe