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Small Island Systems SIG

Small Island Systems SIG aims to facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange and peer support / coaching on planning, commissioning, delivering and evaluating people centred integrated care in small island systems.

This Special Interest Group (SIG) aims to facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange and peer support / coaching on planning, commissioning, delivering and evaluating people centred integrated care in small island systems. It will enable small island systems to learn from each other, share examples of innovation and understand how multi-sectoral planning, financing and governance can build resilience, accelerate transformational change and health system strengthening, and make progress on sustainable development goals. It will offer Ministries, WHO and NGOs ready access to a cohort of experts on implementing people centred integrated care in the context of small island systems. The SIG will connect three distinct groups of small island systems:

  •  Small island states (population < 125,000) with high income economies
  • Small island systems (state / region / municipality ) with population < 500,000
  • Small Island Developing States (SIDS)

All three groups experience specific challenges but share common issues such as outward migration combined with an ageing population and high levels of chronic disease; a limited workforce skills base within a small population; difficulties with recruitment and retention of specific specialist staff; and lack of economies of scale resulting in high costs for energy, infrastructure, transportation, communication and services; and a reliance on public sector.

The SIG will provide a platform for members to share experience, examples of good
practice, signpost practical resources, and agree and collaborate on research, education, coaching and evaluation priorities for small island systems. SIG members will shape the scope of SIG activities and outputs. These may include:

  • Good practice case studies and practical resources to support transformation
  • IFIC Conference workshops
  • Online peer support and blogs
  • Summer Schools; Study Visits or Twinning activities
  • Webinars and virtual learning events
  • Policy briefing and consensus documents
  • Evidence reviews
  • Collaborative research and evaluation

More information about integrated care in Scotland is available at and at the IFIC Scotland page. If you have an interest in practical experience or resources to share, a question for community members, or suggestions for future activities please contact Marie Curran

This Special Interest Group (SIG) has an international membership with 139 members and still growing.  If you would like to be on the mailing list for this group, please email Marie Curran: and you will receive SIG updates, IFIC Scotland newsletters and information on our webinars.

Facilitated by:

Marie Curran
Coordinator of IFIC Scotland Special Interest Groups
International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC)


SIG Co-leads:

Oliver Radford & Sally Shaw  

 Small Islands Workplan   2020 – 2022


Timescale / Date


Actions for 2022

Webinars or eforum

Sep 2021: SIG eforum  


Jan 2021SIG eForum  


Sep 2020: SIG workshop at ICIC20 


Feb 2020: SIG eForum  


19th Feb 2020: Innovations in Small Islands Webinar Recording and Resources here.   

IFIC Scotland and Isle of Man  

Plan further 2 eforum in 2022  

Good Practice Case Studies

added to SharePoint here 

Marie Curran


Guidance, Tools and Reviews

added to SharePoint here 

Marie Curran


Study Visits / Twinning

Smile 2 may be hosted by Malta autumn 2022 if covid permits  


Prompt island blogs  

International Conference Participation  

May 2022 – ICIC22 Odense, Denmark 


May 2021: ICIC21 Virtual Conference  


Sep 2020: IFICs virtual conference  

Collaborative Publications / Research 

Sep 2020Collaboration with EURIPA Covid 19 Survey and conference  

Education and Training