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Volunteers and Voluntary Sector SIG


Volunteers and Voluntary Sector SIG aims to engage a diverse community of individuals interested in understanding and enhancing the role and contributions of non-state actors (NSAs)/non-state providers (NSPs) as partners in integrated care.


you have an interest in compassionate communities, practical experience or resources to share, a question or challenge for SIG members, or suggestions for future SIG activities please contact Michelle Nelson, SIG facilitator

Facilitated by:

Michelle Nelson

Research Scientist
Bridgepoint Collaboratory

Work Plan for 2022

The activities for this SIG in 2022 focus on reframing the discussion about Volunteers and Third Sector Organizations as partners in Integrated Care. Each of the following activities will address the micro, meso and macro level domains of Integrated Care.  

  1. Write a white paper on the contributions of TSOs in supporting high quality care, based on the Institute of Medicine’s STEEEP framework.  
    • Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable, Patient-Centred) 
  2. Host quarterly webinars focused on STEEEP framework dimensions. 
    • March – Using the STEEEP Model to frame Volunteers and TSOs in Integrated Care. 
    • June – ‘Patient Centred Care’, Patient Safety and TSOs 
    • September – TSOs working to ensure equitable access to care and services 
    • December –  Evidence Based Care and the Third Sector:  Measuring Value of TSO engagment  
  3.  Survey IFIC members within this SIG and others for examples of TSOs contributions in each of the Quality Care Domains. Evidence and exemplars may be included in the white paper. (March – July 2022) 
  4.  Host a workshop/panel discussion at ICIC22 on the topic of Dimension of Quality Care and TSOs in Integrated Care (May 2022) 
  5.  Facilitate two study visits with SIG members (virtual and when/if possible, in person).