Alejandro Gil Salmerón

Alejandro Gil Salmerón

Senior Researcher

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Alejandro Gil-Salmerón is a senior researcher at the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC). With extensive experience, he has contributed to over 20 research projects, primarily funded by the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programs of the European Commission. His focus has evolved towards enhancing the delivery of person-centred care within health and social care systems, particularly for high-priority population groups living with complex needs. Joining IFIC in early 2021, Alejandro has assumed leadership roles within various research projects.

Additionally, Alejandro shares his expertise by teaching at the university level across different under graduated programs and Masters courses. Currently, he is actively teaching topics related to research methodology for health social workers and gerontologists at two universities.

Furthermore, Alejandro has published numerous papers in high-ranked journals concentrating on integrated care and population health. Through his multifaceted involvement in research, teaching, and publication, Alejandro continues to advance the field of integrated care, striving to improve health outcomes for diverse populations.