Jodeme Goldhar

Jodeme Goldhar

Vice Chair and Secretary

Strategic Advisor
Ontario Health Team (OHT), Canada

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Jodeme’s passion is convening opportunities for those in health and social care systems to work together around common goals to realize the potential for transformative improvement. As health systems pursue better integration, Jodeme believes that we need to work in new ways, with new power structures, to bring out the best in individuals, teams, communities and systems.

Jodeme was formerly Executive Lead, Strategy and Innovation at The Change Foundation which serves as a catalyst to support large scale transformative change and ensures change opportunities are co-designed with patients/clients, their caregivers/carers and providers. Jodeme brings over 20 years of experience in the Ontario health care and health policy sector and is an adjunct lecturer and co-instructor at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Health Policy, Management and Evaluation. Previously, Jodeme was the Chief Strategy Officer and Lead, Health System Integration for Complex Populations and Primary Care, at Toronto Central Community Care Access Centre. In those roles, Jodeme worked locally and internationally with government, organizations and providers across the health system, clients and families.

She has also acted as principal and co-principal investigator on a number of integrated care research initiatives to inform policy and practice in Ontario.

Jodeme serves as an International Fellow of the NHS Horizons team, a Senior Associate for The International Foundation for Integrated Care, an Executive Coach and is a Co founder of IFIC Canada, the North American Centre for Integrated Care.