Prof. Mirella Minkman

Prof. Mirella Minkman

Chair of the Board of Directors
National Center of Expertise in long term care


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“Integrated care is not about improving care processes, it is about our assignment in societies to better serve and address the needs of people”



Prof. dr. Mirella Minkman started her career as a nurse and got inspired by the question how we better can organise care and support around people who are in need. She has a deep understanding that it is important to know what the needs of people are, so support can be organised with and around them. Further, the future of our health care systems asks for innovative ways of organisational models with fitting non-traditional governance mechanisms that address leadership, accountability and supervision and the values that lie beneath them. Mirella holds a chair at TIAS/Tilburg University on the innovation of the organization and governance of integrated long term care. The focus is on both the organization of integrated care on the client level as on the collaboration in chains and networks and its governance.

Mirella is member of the Executive Board of Vilans since 2019. Vilans is the national center of Expertise in long term care. Earlier she was the director of the Quality and Innovation in Elderly care department, the coordinator of the National Care for Better Program and the director of the Research and Innovation department of Vilans. She specialised in integrated care and completed a PhD on integrated care which won the EHMA Karolinski Research Award. Her research resulted in the Development Model for Integrated Care which is being used in a large number of practices, care standards and projects in the Netherlands and abroad for improving integrated care. Further research of her focuses on the governance of integrated care and what this means for new roles, relations and leadership.

Mirella is member or chair of a number of national committees, like the Committee of Experts of the VGN, Scientific advisory board member of the NVTZ, chair of the Innovation and advisory governance board (Boz), member of the national committee of the future of elderly care and editorial board member of the IJIC.

Further, Mirella is the vice chair & secretary of the Board of the International Foundation for Integrated Care.

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