Dr Nereide A. Curreri

Dr. Nereide A. Curreri 


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Dr Curreri specializes in integrated dementia services and systems.

She recently earned a PhD in Dementia Studies from the University of Stirling, UK.  Her research investigated the integration of older adult services for families with dementia in Central America through a social network approach.  She lived a year in five Central American countries collecting data.

She obtained a Master’s in Gerontology from Vrije University Amsterdam, NL in 2011 researching the stress factors affecting work engagement of nursing staff in residential care homes in Italy.

Between the two academic roles, she worked in Italy and the United States: strategic development in residential care facilities and home care; Geriatric Care Management and the start-up and management of a dementia unit.  She has worked with families in all levels of care: independent living, assisted living, dementia care, skilled nursing, hospice care, and home care.

Presently Dr Curreri holds a researcher position in IFIC and the University of Stirling.  In IFIC as a member of the ICS team, she collaborates on the EU project TransForm, and the dementia theme for the project Estonia.

Dr Curreri also leads the Emerging Researchers and Professionals in Integrated Care (ERPIC) that boasts 220 members from 37 countries.  She represented ERPIC at the Second G7 Working group of Health Experts meeting held in Paris, France in April 2019.   She created the first ERPIC International Mentorship Program (25 mentees from 13 countries; 25 mentors from 7 countries) launched in 2019, with a second round starting in January 2021.

As a gerontologist, her aim is to offer older adults the highest possible quality of life.  To do this, she works toward building dementia friendly environments and systems, that apply the biopsychosocial model of health and care.  Interconnections and interactions are indispensable.