Philip Davies

Phillip Davies

Freelance consultant
Visiting Lecturer (Global Health)
Senior Advisor (International Public Heath)

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Philip Davies


Philip Davies has extensive experience in health policy and governance. During an international career spanning more than 40 years he has held senior positions in four government health administrations, served as Professor of Health Systems and Policy in a leading Australian University, worked as a Senior Health Economist in the global headquarters of the World Health Organisation and was a appointed as a Partner in a ‘Big 4’ international professional services firm. His previous non-executive roles include Deputy Chair of the World Health Organisation’s Executive Board (its principal governing body) and Director of a number of government agencies and not-for-profit companies operating in the health sector.

Philip’s interest in integrated care began in the early 1990’s when he was involved in the early stages of New Zealand’s health reforms. More recently, he was responsible for overseeing Australia’s network of primary health care organisations with a particular focus on fostering enhanced collaboration among primary, secondary and community-based care providers. He is particularly interested in the opportunities that integrated care can offer to address the financial and human resource challenges faced by contemporary health systems. Having consulted extensivey in low and middle income countries Philip also sees the potential for concepts drawn from integrated care to contribute to the improvement of health systems in resource poor settings.