Pilar Gangas Peiró

Pilar Gangas Peiró

Senior Researcher

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Pilar has Joined the International Foundation for Integrated Care in March, 2021, as a Senior Researcher, integrating the Research and Development Directorate. Pilar will be participating in the ongoing EU funded projects, collaborating with the rest of the R+D under the supervision of Leo Lewis, Director of Research and Development of IFIC, as well as in other ongoing IFIC activities, such as those linked to the implementation of the Integrated Care Academy, IFIC renowned International Conferences, or events.

Previously to joining IFIC, Pilar has had an extended experience, participating in more than 60 publicly funded projects as project manager or researcher. Among them, it can be highlighted her role as Coordinator Contact of the EU funded project ICT4Life, in which she had the chance to integrate in an excellent international team working together to develop ICT based tools able to integrate care among patients’ ecosystem (involving patients themselves and their caregivers, health care professionals, social professionals). ICT4Life focused on improving the quality of life, enlarging the autonomy and safety of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients. Collaboration with IFIC in order to understand the integrated care state of the art in Europe, together with its multiple dimensions, was really fruitful for the project. The knowledge of methodologies to complete social research involving end users has been developed over time in transdisciplinary teams, focusing on co-design with users, iterative testing and acceptance of patients, their caregivers and health care professionals.

Prior to taking up the position in IFIC, Pilar has worked for Madrid Region public Health Services, promoting the participation of Madrid health network and emergency-security network in EU funded projects, having promoted 20 funded EU projects over the years 2018-2020. Support to health or emergency Madrid Region teams involved all the phases of the projects’ development and implementation, mentoring researchers when requested. This job was done under a Collaboration Agreement Involving Madrid Regional Presidency Ministry, Madrid Regional Health Ministry and Primary Health Care Foundation of Madrid Region. Previously, Pilar worked as political advisor for the Prime Minister’s Office (1994-1996), developing health, youth, elderly related policy and recommendations.

Pilar Gangas is PhD in Political Sciences, Master in Social Sciences and has worked as University Professor on Political/Social Sciences full time between 1998-2004 and again as Associate Professor for Carlos III University in the academic year 2019-2020.